Grace to be you

Do you realize your uniqueness? Despite your mistakes, bad decisions, weaknesses, and unfortunate circumstances God still sees you. God knows the treasure He has specifically placed inside of you. You have characteristic traits and gifts that were not given to the next person. Even if there are similarities but not a single person can doContinue reading “Grace to be you”

Be kind to yourself

Hi folks, One of the things that magnify some mental health issues is what we say to ourselves, the internal conversations we have are critical and should be monitored closely. Today, I want to chat about showing grace to yourself. Merriam Webster dictionary defines grace as the disposition to or an act or instance ofContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”

Nurture your inner being

If you are like me, then you probably have not always made enough time to nurture yourself, simply because life gets so busy. There are aspects of my life that I do not compromise on, such as spirituality- I try to nurture a relationship with God as much as possible through the grace He hasContinue reading “Nurture your inner being”