Growth: for the heavily pregnant people

Growth- ah, one of my favourite words. The thought of growth brings hope that I don’t have to stay stuck in the same rut for many years. I get excited because sometimes I can visualize what I want in life and how I want it. The concept of growth says to me, “you’re a stepContinue reading “Growth: for the heavily pregnant people”

Training ground that produces growth

My revised definition of growth is “the ability to not shrink when life calls you to shrink but to continually decide to take your seat at the table, so to speak, -despite humiliation, fear, or uncertainty” Battling through a dark place of training, a place that is uncomfortable and often leaves you in confusion isContinue reading “Training ground that produces growth”

Forgiveness of self is a form of cleansing

I generally struggled with forgiveness in my life. It wasn’t always obvious though. I carried around a smile, which convinced me that I forgave easily after being hurt and disappointed.  It wasn’t until I was faced with a situation of having to forgive someone that really wounded me that I realized how much of aContinue reading “Forgiveness of self is a form of cleansing”

A small trick to dumping loneliness

Being quiet and a private person has always been my way of life. I often have the greatest of times alone and find these times of solitary provide perspective and clear direction on steps to take. It’s exciting when plans seem to come together or when prophetic words the LORD gave me in my privateContinue reading “A small trick to dumping loneliness”

How seasons of silence brought back my voice

I experienced trauma from a young age. We simply have no control over some things that happen to us, like how other people’s actions confiscate our joy, sense of identity and freedom. I was robbed of a lot even before I could make decisions about what I want in life. The wounds of this phaseContinue reading “How seasons of silence brought back my voice”

Emotional Healing

In October 2020, let’s focus on emotional healing. I’m certain that every single human being has experienced some pain, disappointment or discouragement in their lives- maybe some more than others. This is how life is, it throws curveballs we didn’t expect and these can be humiliating and painful. If this is life, shouldn’t there beContinue reading “Emotional Healing”

Unathi James, Founder: Well-Watered Gardens

As a woman who has seen spiritual and emotional brokenness, constant discouragement, rejection, shame and insecurity I believe it’s important to share my experiences with other people in the same boat. Although these challenges had been the narrative for my life, leading me to cycles I couldn’t break off, I am now healed in manyContinue reading “Unathi James, Founder: Well-Watered Gardens”

You matter, we know that & want to help you know it too

Our core business is healing, forgiveness and encouragement. That is where our passion lies. This comes from knowing how difficult it is to be insecure, broken, lonely and hurt. We strive to assist clients who are currently having difficulties they cannot deal with alone. We prioritize your healing, and we are ready to serve you.Continue reading “You matter, we know that & want to help you know it too”