Nurture your inner being

If you are like me, then you probably have not always made enough time to nurture yourself, simply because life gets so busy. There are aspects of my life that I do not compromise on, such as spirituality- I try to nurture a relationship with God as much as possible through the grace He hasContinue reading “Nurture your inner being”

Assorted Mental Matters

Assorted Mental Matters is a project under Well-Watered Gardens. Through this initiative, we host webinars where we unpack mental health and disorders. We will look at it from a three-dimensional approach, i.e. clinical, spiritual, and client-based. These three approaches will broaden one’s understanding of mental health and illnesses. It helps one understand what can be done differently to see change.

Growth: Take your seat at the table

You belong. We have all gone through difficult situations that make us question who we are. Just when we thought we had it all figured out, or when we thought we had finally made it to the places we desired to be, life comes along and brings challenges that make us question the core ofContinue reading “Growth: Take your seat at the table”