Now, not when

Hey y’all Today I want to share some thoughts on calculated risk. Risk is often scary, to a point where we end up abandoning our passions and dreams. However, when risk is taken at the right time and place it can produce effective results and life-changing moments. I hope this post will challenge your thinkingContinue reading “Now, not when”


Hey y’all Today, let’s chat about solitude because if we were to understand it, it could work for our benefit. There is a time to have people around you (family, friends, colleagues, associates etc.) but there is also a time when we have to intentionally choose our alone time. The solitude phase can be usedContinue reading “Solitude”

It’s a wrap, folks!

This year has been an interesting year for me, a lot of good habits were developed, a lot of revelation was received, significant growth was evident, and some disappointments experienced along the way. Overall, 2021 has been a good year of self-discovery and intentional choosing of self. The biggest lesson for me this year wasContinue reading “It’s a wrap, folks!”

Grace to be you

Do you realize your uniqueness? Despite your mistakes, bad decisions, weaknesses, and unfortunate circumstances God still sees you. God knows the treasure He has specifically placed inside of you. You have characteristic traits and gifts that were not given to the next person. Even if there are similarities but not a single person can doContinue reading “Grace to be you”

Beauty in brokenness- by Patience

Every one of us has some sort of brokenness in our past. Perhaps we have grieved from a broken heart, complicated situations, loss of health, or relationships. Whether it’s from choices we have made or circumstances beyond our control, sometimes we find ourselves so profoundly broken that we don’t know how things could ever be restored. IContinue reading “Beauty in brokenness- by Patience”

Vessel of honour

Hi guys Today’s blog post is a brief check-in, and I want to chat about the importance of obedience to God. Being obedient to Him may look different each time, depending on what He requires of you. That is why it is so important for you to develop and cultivate a consistent relationship with Him.Continue reading “Vessel of honour”

Advocate for your mental health

Hi guys, In today’s blog post, I want to chat about the power of choice. We have the right to say yes or no to situations or people. As a recovering people pleaser, I learned this the hard way. I am learning how empowering and freeing it is to exercise effective decision making. For mostContinue reading “Advocate for your mental health”