Assorted Mental Matters

C: Why Assorted Mental Matters?

The 3 dimensional approach is effective at looking at mental from different angles, here’s a presentation to provide clarity on what we do, why we do what we do and how we go about it. Please access the link below for the presentation, enjoy!

B: Mental Health for Teens

Teenagers are also affected by mental health disorders, they must be provided with the correct information, to know where services are found. They cannot be left in isolation to deal with their mental distresses and problems, we are here to empower them and help them understand themselves and others better.

Please access the link below for a few slides that will help our young people.

A: The survey report

An infographic reflecting respondent’s preferences online discussions

A survey was conducted to assess respondent’s understanding of mental health in preparation for the online discussions. The infographic represents results of the self-assessment done on 1-3 symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness by the respondents. 12% of respondents had 3 symptoms of the 3 mental health illnesses combined- this was done to spark interest on mental health and to assess their preferences on online meeting platforms, time allocation of discussions and their accessibility of psychosocial services. 100 respondents completed the questionnaire in October 2020, individuals from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia ranging from 20- 70 year olds. Hit the contact button to receive the comprehensive survey report.

Assorted Mental Matters supports the mental health ministry.

What that means is we believe it’s important to look at mental health alongside spiritual health. We believe these two concepts are linked to each other. We aim to help individuals find solutions for living balanced lifestyles. We host online discussions looking at depression, anxiety and loneliness as our themes. Join us as we tackle mental health issues!

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