Beauty in brokenness- by Patience

Every one of us has some sort of brokenness in our past. Perhaps we have grieved from a broken heart, complicated situations, loss of health, or relationships. Whether it’s from choices we have made or circumstances beyond our control, sometimes we find ourselves so profoundly broken that we don’t know how things could ever be restored.

I have faced some serious moments of brokenness in my life. There were points where the pieces of me were so destroyed that they weren’t just shattered; they were ground to dust. I experienced abuse from a very young age and, it was hard to talk or even accept that my rights were being violated especially if it’s people who are so dear to you. You start feeling like people in this world own you and can do whatever they so wish with you. I lost confidence in myself and doubted myself to ever stand up for myself and my values as a woman. Years later, I got married and 2 years later, my marriage ended. In a space of 2 years, I can’t begin to explain how toxic my marriage became. I still don’t understand where I got the courage to FIGHT but I decided to fight my demons (against allowing people to own me). There was only ever one sure person with the answers. There was only ever one certain place with redemption, with hope for the broken, with refuge for the lost souls and He came through for me.

Brokenness has the power, unlike anything else, to bring forth new beauty, strength, and inspiration to others. It’s often in those moments that we’ve tasted deep suffering, that we noticed we were made for more. There’s more. There’s purpose. The scars of life, the healed wounds, the deep lines, they all have stories to tell. The Good News is we have a Healer. One who repairs, who can fit the broken pieces that no longer seem to fit right into a perfect design. He makes all things beautiful, especially in the broken. All from His grace. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecc. 3:11

You are never beyond healing. You are never too broken for restoration. You are never too shattered for repair. Don’t be ashamed of your scars, of the deep crevices that line your soul, or the broken places of your life. They have an amazing story to tell. Here is the truth. Just because we’ve been broken doesn’t mean that we are thrown away or un-usable, set up on a shelf or that we are forgotten. He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” (Ps.147:3). What were guardian angels for, if not for protection? What were prayers for, if all they did was resound against the walls like echoes, reinforcing not only the emptiness without but even worse, within?

You are not just simply patched back together but beautifully lined with shining grace through every scar and broken space. And that is what His (Jesus) story is all about. Bringing life to what was broken. He was willing to take on the brokenness of the world in exchange for our freedom.

Patience Matsaira is a young woman who is still trying to figure out what life is really all about. She holds an Honors degree in Development Studies. Apart from what she has achieved so far, she still has a lot in store for her for she understands that positive energy contributes massively to the life changing decisions we are obligated to make.

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