Growth- by Ndileka Mbina

Growth is a stage or condition in increasing, developing, or maturing (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

In general, growth means self-improvement of your skills, personal qualities, knowledge, outlook, and goals; whenever you seek to better yourself in any way. For me, personal growth can be anything that helps you go after your best self.

Why is personal growth important?

Apart from the value of gaining new knowledge and advancing yourself as an individual, the very act of pursuing personal growth separates you from the rest. There are different types of growth but in this blog post we discuss five which are mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

Mental Growth

Mental Growth is about growing or enriching your mind, some activities we can do can be reading a book or watching educational YouTube videos to improve your skills. By setting aside some time each day or week you can begin to see growth in areas of your life.

Social Growth

This category is all about improving your communication, in my opinion, this category is the most overlooked. However social development is equally important. In this category, I learn new languages and practice with those I meet.

Spiritual growth

Spiritual growth can mean different things for different folks, my understanding of it is daily taking up your cross and following Christ, practicing the presence of God, and allowing His will over yours. Some of the activities I do daily are meditating and studying the bible, journaling, and praise and worship that’s my daily posture and I have learned without these activities I am not my true self.

Emotional growth

Emotional growth can be, well, emotional because of this it can be easy to brush it off. I have done my share of doing this, I have realized that it wasn’t healthy behavior. The reality is that holding in your emotions and brushing them off only makes it worse when they finally come out. Some of the things we can do is talk to a friend or journal.

Physical growth

Physical growth is about more than exercise it’s also about eating and sleeping habits to name a few, some of the activities we can do are forming healthy habits all around.

In conclusion, growth requires intentionality, knowing what you want and doing something towards your goals goes a long way. I live by a set of value systems that helps me to discipline and track my growth daily. Growth is not without process therefore patience is required as we journey towards self-improvement. I have come to understand that doing small tasks daily produces great results.

Surrounding yourself with people who also actively seek self-improvement makes the journey much more meaningful. Start asking yourself the hard questions and get the right people to support you such as mentors or advisors. Personal growth isn’t an end goal but a way of living to guide your daily actions.

Ndileka Mbina is a student of life, a novice writer, and works in food production. She has great passion for people.

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