Who told you that?

Hi folks,

I have been reflecting on how many lies we end up believing just because a more prominent society has said something about our worth or identity. I know I have been victim to this believing all the negativity that was thrown my way. People are allowed to present themselves as they wish but where do we as individuals draw the line?

In today’s blog post, I want us to reflect on what stole our power and conviction of who we truly are. What were some of the things you strongly believed in before you were turned down or rejected? Did you believe in true love, or that you would become a prominent businesswoman or man? Did you believe that you would contribute to society and be the one to provide financial support to the poor and marginalized communities? Many of us have given up on our dreams and have adopted the identity that was falsely spoken to us. At times, those words came because of a difficult situation or fight that seems to never end. We must however get to a place where we can separate our identity from our situation. Our stuff, our accolades or lack thereof certainly do not define who we are. We are who we are based on what God calls us, not what human beings choose to label us. When we allow human beings to define us, we allow limitation to be the driving force of our identity, human beings can only see a glimpse of what God allows them to see, whereas God sees it all. He knows our past from our future, and He is in the present situation helping us navigate to our areas of destiny.

My question to you today is “who told you that?”, who told you it is okay to hang your head in shame because of all the mistakes you made? Is there one perfect person in this world we live in? Absolutely not, not even one. So why do we allow life and people to play judge over our lives, giving them authority to speak things that could or are probably derailing us? What we believe about ourselves determines how we treat and carry ourselves. We cannot control what others think, their thoughts are based on their view and their personal experiences. You could meet someone who is dealing with their problems who will tell you that your vision and dream is silly and unrealistic- and that is allowed because that vision or dream was not revealed to them. God reveals things to certain people for a reason. So, we cannot afford to hand over our power to individuals, we cannot continue to allow others to take measurements from their limited point of view. So, I ask again, who told you that? What is the most negative thing you believe about yourself and your current situation, are you allowing it to become part of your identity? If you are, I encourage you to start reflecting on the changes you need to make in your life. All that negativity and those toxic thought patterns must go, you must realize the power God has placed in your hands to accept or reject your destiny. In a realistic life, it is simply impossible to have everyone understanding or liking you, that is part of life because we are all created differently- only God can fulfill that role. Your role is to love and respect people but not to necessarily aim to please everyone you meet and certainly not to believe their negative opinions about you.

Let us learn from children! Kids are so free to be themselves, they are genuine in their activities and curiosity, they seem to go with the flow of life without much care in the world. Fortunately for us as adults, we have learned the wisdom to know when to act and when to speak or keep quiet, and that can be a good thing -but we can surely take a page from the little ones in how much freedom we allow in our lives. I challenge you to stop living your life based on the limitations set by life’s circumstances. Let us continue to fight the good fight of faith, going back to that place where we had the freedom to just be ourselves, the freedom to know we are enough and are loved despite what we have done or not done. I pray the good LORD may establish your steps as you decide to walk in your true identity and freedom, a freedom that is free of human opinion but filled with God’s word. You are free to be you, fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image- it’s time to believe it.

“Now the LORD is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom”- 2 Corinthians 3: 17.

With love,


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