Bloom where you are planted

Hi folks,

One of the most frustrating things I have ever experienced is feeling like I am in the wrong place. When you have a big dream inside of you, you may struggle with the comparison of the current situation vs your dreams. When I go through this cycle of frustration, I am often reminded of King David in the bible. He was anointed to be king at a very young age but only appointed for the office of being a king much later in life. Time went by before he could walk into that place of destiny, and he still had to be present in the events of his life before assuming the role of a king. I am certain it was not easy for him, knowing he had a great calling on his life but still going through the mundane activities of each day before the manifestation of that dream. However, we read in the bible that life continued before the great role was filled and God worked in His life even then. 

In today’s blog post, I want us to chat about how we can make the best of our current situations. As Christians, we know that we cannot live without the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that comes with a surrendered heart. This means allowing Holy Spirit to lead you on the next right thing to do, or the next big step to take. If our lives are truly surrendered to God, why do we worry so much about tomorrow? We hardly go to sleep worried about whether the next day will come or not, yet we worry so easily about God’s promises over our lives or the dreams He has placed within us. So, with all the stressing and worrying about being misplaced or stuck in certain cycles in my life, I try and remember that I have surrendered my life to a God who knows it all. This God wants me to succeed because it brings Him great joy to see me prosper, and at His right time, He will make sure it all comes to pass. I rationalize it by reminding myself that I am where I am because God is still allowing it. I may not see it, but He knows what else still needs to be refined in and through me being in this place. No matter how much I may want to see myself stepping into a new season, only God knows exactly when that time will be- and He will lead me to it. He will do the same for you!

In the meantime, it is important to ask God to open our eyes to what He is doing in the now. There could be numerous reasons why the anticipated shift in your life has not taken place yet:

  • Perhaps you are still where you are because you are leading people that have no idea how to move forward.
  • You may still be where you are because you are the only one that can pray for people to receive Christ in their lives.
  • You may still be where you are because you are the only one that knows how to shine the light of Christ so that people may be introduced to our Saviour.
  • You may still be where you are because God is completing the refinement process of your character. God knows it all and He has a purpose for you now, all of it builds up towards that greater or better dream you have inside.
  • Perhaps there is an important skill that God wants to impart to you, but you may be too closed off to even learn. Pause and reflect and ask God what He is trying to teach you in the now.

My encouragement to you today is to seek God for the now, be where the Holy Spirit is. He can open your eyes to see many other opportunities you may have missed because you are so focused on what is to come. Relax a bit, be kind to yourself and rest in the Lord, He will guide you on the next step to take. Your today matters and is just as precious as tomorrow but tomorrow is not even guaranteed so let us enjoy what God has given us in the now. I pray you may see your today as the Lord sees it, that you are placed wherever you are for a divine purpose, you contribute to people’s lives just by being the best version of yourself. When that noisy voice in our heads comes back to make us feel like we are behind, let us be bold enough to remind ourselves that we are led by Holy Spirit who knows the times and seasons under heaven. He is faithful enough to tell us of the next thing in His heart but also wants us to complete the current thing that contributes to the next big thing.

You are given an opportunity to bloom where you are planted, go ahead, embrace it and give it your all.

“Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth”- Psalm 46:10.

With love,


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2 thoughts on “Bloom where you are planted

  1. Such an important word my friend and such a needed one by me! Thank you so much for sharing. May the Lord help us in surrendering to His perfect will for our lives bcoz indeed we can never have better plans for our lives than the plans He has for us.


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