Pick up your spade!

We fall down and get up, that should be our anthem as God’s children. Our lives come with experiencing ups and downs. The ups are amazing and give us opportunities to experience the ‘milk and honey’ as God pours out His goodness through these activities. When the road is smooth, it is often easier to do more and manifest our hearts’ desires because we are encouraged and joyful. However, the lows can be discouraging and can feel like you are stripped of the things you once held dear to you, but the valleys teach us valuable lessons and provide wisdom that shapes our character and outlook on life. Although we may fall during the low periods of our lives but must get up again!

I met up with a friend this past weekend, one who challenges my thinking and brings a sense of accountability, partly because we find ourselves traveling similar paths in pursuing our passions but also because her character is one of a visual person who sees what most people cannot see, and she is an active person who gets things done. I was encouraged after our meeting, reminded of the dream that God has placed in my heart to reach out to the lost, broken-hearted, and lonely souls that need Jesus and need to hear about the transformation Christ has brought to me.

I, therefore, got up and started believing and working again. I realized some things must still be put in place to get the dream going. The dream will not necessarily be manifested in a short space of time, but it will eventually come together, let us continue to build our dreams one brick at a time. If we were to take inventory of our lives we would be able to trace that there is so much that has already been done, a few wrong turns, and perhaps unwise decisions but the good LORD uses it all for our good. The wrong turns and disappointments come as part of the process of growth and being established in purpose. I realized that the disappointments and obstacles can sharpen our perception and understanding so that we avoid the wrong voices or influences in future decision-making. Although we may have fallen, it is time to get up and start allowing God to move on our behalf, in those difficult and impossible situations.

I encourage you today to dream again, to work again, to allow God to use you to further His Kingdom! Dream realistically knowing that processes take time. These dreams might be tested along the way, tested with challenges and obstacles that can make the dream seem impossible. We must soldier on knowing that our lives will minister to many people who need to hear about the grace, miracles, transformation, and healing God has brought to our lives. As we have been released from our prisons (mentally, emotionally, or physically), our victories might be the key that releases others from their current prisons. So, dream again dear friend, this time with the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit who knows all things and is willing to direct your every step. May God meet you halfway and surprise you with the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. You might have prayed for long periods, yet nothing changed, pray again, God’s arm is not too short to save His children. Perhaps this time your efforts will be accompanied by courage that is beyond the natural, exactly what you need in this moment. Take up your spade and keep digging, much discovery awaits in your place of purpose.

“So, I say to you, ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you” – Luke 11: 9.

With love,


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