Seasons change

I am reminded of the story of Hanna in the bible (1 Samuel 2). She obtained a title because of her unfavorable situation. She hardly had a choice in it because the bible says the LORD closed her womb, therefore she was barren.

As we are entering into a new season may we remember that even heaven gives us different seasons for our lives. I do not know what each of you may be battling right now but today I want to remind you that God is busy ensuring that your new season shall come to fruition in due time. Summer has an allocated period, so does winter, all seasons come and go, they do not last forever.

Hanna as a barren woman was unable to expand her family as she desired but in good time, God opened her womb and allowed her to be fruitful. We simply cannot remain barren forever if we are walking with the LORD Jesus Christ. When we are in a “winter” season, it can feel long as though those cold nights are dragging. And in that winter season, we might not even have all the resources required to keep us warm and comfortable. With that said, winter still comes to everyone, regardless of our attitude/ feeling towards it. However, winter does not last forever. Just like Hanna, the time will come for each of us to be fruitful, as our seasons change.

A picture of a tree starting to produce fruit.

Can you sense which season you are in spiritually? Has God been giving you clues and scriptures? Perhaps you find yourself being drawn towards completely different things, teachings, habits, etc. (I am referring to Godly change, of course) but you are not even aware that those new desires are not by chance. Do a self-assessment, take note of unfamiliar things God may be trying to teach you. If your self-assessment does not get you anywhere, go ahead and consult with the LORD. God wants to partner with you so it would require you to pay attention and agree to the new thing, place or season He may want to take you to. Perhaps God is still training and maturing you in this season and it is not yet time to be ushered into that new place. Either way, it would be good to be mindful of heaven’s flow, especially to things that are directly linked to your purpose or mandate in life. Seasons change and that is a fact, that means even your winter season will change. God makes everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3: 11). When He decides to open the closed doors, you will move from a place of lack to abundance.

I pray God may continue to sing songs of deliverance over you, especially if you are still in your “winter” season. Deliverance from pain, shame, humiliation, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and anything else that makes your soul feel poor in this season. May you discover the gifts He has given, gifts that can allow you to flourish and be in health and contentment over your life. May He release you from frustration and confusion you may have right now, He is able. Nothing is impossible with our God; He is the God who changes the times and seasons in any case. I pray that the rivers of living water may flow in and through you giving a refreshing as you prepare for all God has in store for you. Seasons change, may you be blessed with the testimony of transformation, being transformed from barrenness to fruitfulness.

“The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder. So, he shall open, and no one shall shut, and he shall shut, and no one shall open”. – Isaiah 22: 22

With love,


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