Transition can be messy

The word transition is defined as “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”. Change can be exciting and scary depending on the next chapter you are moving to.

I want to talk about the point of being caught in between the move when you do not see how the next chapter will unfold but you know you must exit the previous one. It can be frustrating because you do not have the outline for the next chapter. This phase can be a messy situation filled with a lot of uncertainty or a lack of evidence; it could easily make you doubt if you have made the right decision of wanting to exit the last phase. Will you ever know whether your instincts are right by staying in the old place?

A place of transition can be messy because an hour can feel like days. As people, we want to see tangible results to know that we have progressed, but sometimes we must wait for the green light, wait in faith for the sound that says “go” despite what you may or may not see. Being able to do this builds some resilience within you, at times the temporary wait also produces one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, i.e., self-control. When you gain resilience and self-control, you can overpower a lot of unnecessary temptations in life. You gain victories because your mind and heart are already set on winning, despite it all. This phase can allow you to be stable in your thought processes and in your emotions, when you have those skill sets no one can take them away from you.

Have you ever been to a train station? This is one of the places that can teach a person patience because it does not matter how much of a hurry you may be in, you must wait for the train to arrive. When it does finally arrive, you must wait for it to stop and open its doors for all passengers. Every minute counts and it may seem to go by very slowly. Stressing about the slowness of the train will not get it to the station much quicker, we must, in that case, learn resilience and patience. One can learn to be present in their life through the transition phase. This scenario can teach us how we should view the period of transition, we must always keep in mind that it is necessary to go through it so that we are released from old patterns and are being prepared to enter the new seasons God presents to us, seasons that lead us to our places of destiny and purpose.

What I have done previously when presented with change, is that I would write down my reasons for moving from an old place. I do this so it can make sense to my mind and I can be reminded of my reasons even at a later stage. When you have finally transitioned and things are not going as you thought they should, you can refer to your list and remind yourself of how justified you were of moving to a new phase in your life, despite the new challenges you may face. What also really helps during a time of transition, is to seek God for confirmation before making any major decisions, ensure that you have sensed or heard correctly, that it is time to move or change. When you have the peace of God regarding a new chapter, move in faith knowing that God will work it out for you. This also helps you realize that you are not alone, that God will continue to guide your steps and help you move forward. Even in that place where you have not fully realized the “new thing”, God is there to help you navigate the dark and uncertain passages.

To those of you who are sensing time for change but have no idea what the next step is, I encourage you today to lean on God, lean on His word knowing that our spirits are connected to the Holy Spirit. When you sense a thing, like King David take even the little details to God because He will provide the right answers for you. Remember that the transition phase can be messy and uncomfortable because what your spirit is telling you is different from what you are seeing in the physical, but it is not in vain; you must go through it. Allow it to be as it should, you will probably gain pearls of wisdom that will help you in the new place.

“Do not despise these small beginnings for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin” -(Zechariah 4:10).

With love,


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