Dealing with disappointments

Disappointment is inevitable, it can happen regularly or periodically. We dream as individuals and sometimes those dreams become manifested as planned, other times less than expected or better than imagined. My question to you today is how do you deal with disappointment? How we deal with it reveals a lot in terms of our level of maturity and being realistic in life. Do you give up completely when disappointed by people or situations, do you throw tantrums? Do you give yourself time to go through the emotions and then when you are ready, do you try again? Do you blame everyone else and refuse to assess what your role could have been? Do you continue with life as if nothing happened to avoid the pain and embarrassment? Some of us have probably gone through all these different ways of dealing with disappointments in life. We must get to a position where we identify the best practices for dealing with disappointments and choose that route. It will help bring stability to our thoughts and positively impact our mental health.

The reality is that disappointment can feel horrible depending on what your expectations were, or how badly you were disappointed. If your expectation of a situation was not that high, you might not be as disappointed but if you had put a lot of hope in the outcome of your circumstances, you will certainly suffer some loss. It is justified to go through the emotions of whatever disappointments that come your way. Deal with disappointments in healthy ways by acknowledging what you are feeling and how much you may have lost out on. Once that is done, learn to pick yourself up from that place of disappointment. It is easier said than done but it is necessary if we are to progress and keep pursuing our dreams.

The little and big things combined require effective strategies that will help you cope with life’s challenges and unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, disappointments are brought to remove the veil from our eyes. When we are consumed in a matter, we may end up getting obsessed about it, which is unhealthy. When disappointment strikes in this case, it may help us to see the truth of the matter and therefore guide us to making more informed decisions. Disappointments can come to challenge our thinking. When we rely too much on other people, we may neglect our strength, gifts, and resilience. When disappointed, we end up being forced to be main drivers in our lives, work spaces, and projects because we become taught how much of a difference we already make. Other times disappointments can come to reveal to you just how uniquely gifted you already are, when you get used to being a follower, an unpleasant circumstance can propel you into leadership positions. Disappointments can teach you humility and grace. When life hits hard, the outcome is that we either learn the lessons and continue with a renewed perspective on life or we will be bitter or pessimistic. We are given a choice and I hope we choose wisely. We do not have to immediately figure out the blessings hidden in life’s challenges but with time, if we permit, we may see the opportunities to do things differently, to respond differently, and allow our characters to be nurtured and matured. It is only in that moment of deciding that quitting is not an option that you see the other side of the story. If you do not learn to deal with disappointment, you may find yourself in pain all the time. Remember a lot of our situations can be influenced by the decisions we make regarding them.

I encourage you today, I know it can be hard but try to see life differently, knowing that God is always there for you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. May you be blessed with a new vision, to see from a point of possibility rather than lack. May your thoughts become healthier and purpose-driven. God bless you all.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid or dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go” – Joshua 1:9

With love,


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