Assorted Mental Matters

We are made in the image of God, which means we are supposed to be like God in the way we think and behave. However, sin came into existence before we were even born and that tempered with the “perfection” of the human being. Thank God for our LORD Jesus Christ who paid a price on the cross to bring restoration to our relationship with Heavenly Father. Thank God for the authority He has given us to speak life into our dead and hopeless situations using the powerful name of Jesus. As straightforward as this sounds, it can be a process and it effectively happens through relationship with God. This means healing, conquering addictions, restoration of joy, and having a peaceful mindset might not always be instant or happen overnight, these require effort and consistency; as the bible states we are being transformed into the image of the LORD Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 3: 18).

Before we get to the place of full and evident transformation, there is a journey that must be embarked on, this looks different for every individual depending on God’s plan and one’s willingness to partner with Him to gain victory over difficult situations.

A therapist said to me “healing is a lifelong process”. I agree with this to some extent because as much as the LORD has given me victory and healing over many wounded areas, there are still things that are undealt with that God is only revealing now. So I continue to heal, I continue to allow God to use His oil to rub over the places that are still raw and hurt. For as long as we live on this earth, we must continue to be perfected towards being more like Christ, as written above, it is a journey.

If we were living in an ideal world, the one God created in the beginning, before sin came to reign over human beings, we would all be healthy beings. We would have healthy bodies and souls. However, the reality is that we go through different life situations that attack the health of our mental state. We hardly have time to deal with the blows given and simply carry on with life. As we continue with life, the wounds remain unhealed and can lead to mental distresses, problems and disorders. The lack of a mentally healthy state will affect the way one lives their life. It can affect their emotions and thinking, this usually trickles over to all other areas of one’s life. Mental health challenges are real, and some people may not have the courage, support system, knowledge, or resources to access help in time.

Many times, the thought of this breaks my heart. I get impacted by this because I know what it’s like not to have a healthy mental state. And yes, everyone has bad days and bad seasons but that’s not what I’m referring to. I am referring to intense, ongoing mental distresses or mental illnesses that can even cause impairment in functioning. Journeying with the concept of mental health and having a passion for seeing people get healed led me to the idea of a new initiative, called Assorted Mental Matters where we offer clarity and assist individuals suffering or impacted by mental illnesses.

Assorted Mental Matters is a project under Well-Watered Gardens. Through this initiative, we host webinars where we unpack mental health and disorders. We will look at it from a three-dimensional approach, i.e. clinical, spiritual, and client-based. These three approaches will broaden one’s understanding of mental health and illnesses. It helps one understand what can be done differently to see change. These discussions/ webinars are designed for people like you and me, who go through difficult challenges but have no time or resources to slow down and seek help. These are designed for those for those of us who experience and battle with seasons of depression, anxiety or loneliness. These are also designed for men and women who are living with mental health conditions/ disorders and find it difficult to cope. Through these webinars, wisdom will be shared for those supporting family members and friends who are experiencing mental health challenges.

These webinars/ discussions will be conducted once a month, for an hour on zoom. It is a platform for individuals to assess how healthy they are, mentally. Through this, we are building a support system that is focused on healing for all who are affected.

Three guest speakers will talk us through the 3 dimensions. This is an opportunity to empower ourselves and others. Let us learn, grow and heal together as we tackle mental health for better solutions. The dates and times will be announced soon, please join us over the next several months.

“Beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper and enjoy good health, as your soul prospers”- 3 John 1: 2

With love,


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