Final thoughts for 2020

May the grace of God, His love and perfect will continue to take root in your life.

We have made it through 2020 and I pray that God may continue to give us the grace to finish this year strong and to enter 2021 on a positive note knowing that He still has a good plan for our lives. We have lived through one of the toughest years but I hope that despite the difficulties and confusion, we have found meaning and purpose on why we are still alive.

To those who have lost loved ones, may the Greatest Comforter give you peace and comfort. To those who experienced depression/ anxiety/ loneliness or any other mental health problem or condition, I pray you may find the counsel you require to ease your burdens. To those who lost jobs, may God open double doors of increase and provision. To anyone who encountered painful and difficult circumstances you cannot even talk about, may His joy flow into all those broken areas. We don’t have all the answers, but we can be confident that through it all, the love of our perfect God stays constant and absolutely no situation will ever change that. The human mind often wants an explanation as to why certain things happen but unfortunately, we might not have all the answers we desire. May God quieten you with His love, may He sing over you (Zephaniah 3: 17).

May you be reminded that you are God’s special and unique child. He is madly in love with you. It’s not so much in “feeling” it but in knowing and receiving it into your heart. May this love transform you; may it bring you into constant fellowship with a loving God. May it cleanse you, give you peace and new identity.

Happy holidays, wishing you a restful time. Let’s connect again in 2021.

With love,


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