What is Grace-By Ndileka Mbina

I was lost and found by grace. What I mean is that God met me right where I was in my brokenness and shame and I still couldn’t be bothered. I wanted God to love and accept me for who I was then; because in my own right I thought I could fix myself and then hand over my life to God.

At some point in my life before sanctification took its course I had a religious mind-set. I worked extra hard to please people, and by all means to earn God’s approval and validation. So I was into works rather than receiving the grace of God and any other promises for that matter. I wanted God to be proud of me. I didn’t want to ask for much or be of any trouble if anything, I needed to prove I could be a good daughter but it was never my truth because deep down I wanted to be like other Christians who testify about the stuff God was doing in their lives. I stumbled upon grace and I now understand there is absolutely nothing that I could ever do that would separate me from the love of God, I can’t earn His promises by works, they are attained by faith.

The Holy Bible is filled with stories where Jesus met lepers, demon-possessed, and the sick hiding in their sicknesses and restored them to wholeness and that’s exactly what He is still in the business of doing today. He comes where we are to restore us to wholeness by grace. Grace is not a license to keep on sinning or to remain in our weaknesses and it is not a quick fix to our weaknesses either, “We plead with you not to receive the grace of God in vain” – 2 Corinthians 6:1

The grace you had yesterday is obsolete today, grace is the overflowing favour of God and we can always draw upon it as needed. Many a times we tend to endure certain things in life and forget that we have access to this grace in our moment of need. Let us make a habit of drawing on grace now, rather than later.

By grace, we are saved!

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4 thoughts on “What is Grace-By Ndileka Mbina

  1. Amazingly touched…….indeed nothing we can do to earn the love of God…..He love us even though…..and grace is sufficient for all
    Thanks sisi Ndileka and the rest of the team.


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