Meet my Friend, Grace

I found Grace in the darkest places of my life. These are the times that forced me to be still, to go slower, and to recognize the hand of Almighty Father over my life.

I like how Grace has identified things in my life that I never saw. I love how when I found myself at my lowest points, a Special Presence would always surround me and lead me to scripture that painted a completely different picture of who I am. It’s the very Presence that says I am victorious although all I see and feel is a failure. That Presence has a set of eyes that are so big, they see beyond my constant mistakes & bad decision making. Grace gives hope in hopeless situations. This Grace is consistent and does not seem to change its perspective on how it sees me. I simply found myself without a choice- I had to give this Grace an opportunity and listen to what It had to say.

Over and over, consistently, constantly Grace would repeat the message of love and mercy on my errors. Grace saw me through seasons of discouragement and insecurities. Grace said, “I see you, you are unique & special to me, made in My image for Kingdom purpose”. I took a chance because the words Grace spoke to me gave me life and hope in those difficult situations.

Grace is here for both you and I. It will pursue you, it reaches to the very depths of our souls, we simply cannot hide or be too far gone for Grace to find us. Grace says, “I love you and I will never let you go”. I found that this Grace is not a thing but a Person. A Person known by different names. Depending on how you have encountered this Person, you could call Him Friend, Heavenly Father, Healer, Miracle worker, Deliverer, Almighty God, or El Shaddai, etc. I found He is also called Love, He is called Gracious God- Grace, that’s who God is.

Beloved of the LORD, He wants to extend all grace and mercy to your tired bodies, to your disappointed hearts, and your immovable mountains.

Let me introduce you to my Faithful Friend and Lover. Grace, here is your child reading this article. Child of God (insert your name), meet Grace, also known as God, Alpha, and Omega, or Yahweh. Grace is here to meet you at your point of need, come as you are.

You are blessed, with love


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