Double portions of grace

Grace, this is one of the popular terms you will hear in the charismatic churches, we use it so much that I wonder if we all understand it, but maybe we do. Perhaps the reason we use this word as much is that each of us has encountered the underserved love of a perfect God. This experience can change something internally- to know you are loved in your imperfection.

Grace is a form of God’s love, representing His favor and mercy on us. It helps us gain a better understanding of how Heavenly Father feels about us. Grace will find you in your worst state and deliver you to be a better individual. God loves us so dearly and doesn’t wait for us to be perfect and clean before He can extend His grace. He pursues us while we are drowning in our pits or failing dismally in self-righteousness. Through this, it becomes clear that without Jesus, we don’t deserve much. Thank God for His grace because it helps us recognize that our lives were paid for, at a high price and we have citizenship in heavenly places.

The LORD wants to show us double portions of His grace. The world has suffered and seen a lot of disappointment this year, but God was not surprised with what happened, neither was He blinded to it. We may not be able to explain what happened and why it had to happen, but God knows it all. The Almighty God is not done with us, He will have the last say. Sometimes we already have predefined ways of how grace, favor, and mercy must be packaged. We decide that it must look like financial increase, health, stability, etc. that could be part of it but what if God wants it to look like heart transformation, forgiveness, and restoration? Would that be less of a blessing? It is good to regularly inspect and clean up the condition of our hearts. We must align ourselves to the Holy Spirit and what He is wanting to do in our lives this season. He knows what we need more than we do.

God wants to extend His grace, love, and mercy this month, grace in His way. Be still and you will see what grace should look like in this time and season; you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you will enjoy God’s version than yours.

I pray you may have an open heart this month and allow God to take His rightful place, remember His plans for your life are good- His plans, not yours. Grace, grace, and more grace be upon you in December 2020, may you end this year strong. May you testify of the LORD’s goodness in the land of the living.

Isaiah 30: 18 “Therefore the LORD will wait, that He may be gracious to you. And therefore, He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the LORD is a God of justice; Blessed are all those who wait for Him”

You are blessed, with love


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