Growth: for the heavily pregnant people

Growth- ah, one of my favourite words. The thought of growth brings hope that I don’t have to stay stuck in the same rut for many years. I get excited because sometimes I can visualize what I want in life and how I want it. The concept of growth says to me, “you’re a step closer to achieving what’s in your heart”. I can finally have the family, ministry, house, and lifestyle I have always dreamt of. It’s a place where I can get carried away with the visions of how my life should turn out. This is where I can tap into my long-lost desires, dreams I had since I was a teenager, dreams that were stolen by life’s difficulties and disappointments. Don’t we all just love dreaming, allowing possibilities to fill our minds and give us a feeling of hope that the future is bright and that the sky is our limit?

I am not always encouraged to dream or believe that life will become better, many times I have such a busy schedule with life, work, and ministry that there is no time for the little pleasures of life such as dreaming of running projects that will bring healing and impact many lives that have seen brokenness. So, when the opportunity to dream comes, it is always welcome. It leaves me refreshed and hopeful that the same God who was able to answer prayers before can answer the current requests.

How many of us realize that a lot of the dreams and desires on the inside are seeds planted by God? Do we know that He has every intention of manifesting even the dreams we have forgotten? We tend to think that some dreams were for a certain season and should be pushed aside- lost or buried forever. As much as there can be truth to this, especially with ungodly desires that can lead to our destruction but there are a lot of dreams that God has strategically placed within us- awaiting delivery for the right time, season, and environment. He continues to build those dreams and purifies us in our season of waiting, He shapes those desires and makes them healthy and fit for Kingdom purpose. I think sometimes our dreams might be dangerous if they are not implemented with the proper manual from heaven. So yes, many times we must wait and continue to live with these desires that seem to not want to disappear. I’ve found myself praying away a lot of things, asking God to take away the desires if He doesn’t want to give them to me- and He doesn’t, those dreams just continue to grow. He has already deposited so much within that will help us prosper at the right time. He is also ensuring that in the process of waiting, we release the obsessions of how life must turn out, and we get left with His design and leading.

When a woman receives news of her pregnancy, she must carry their unborn child for 9 months, the responsibility starts when she receives confirmation of the news. She has a responsibility of eating well and nurturing the bond between her and the unborn baby. It’s a wonder and an act of faith. She hasn’t seen the baby but is able to feel and fully experience the process of their growth. She goes through the first trimester uncertain of what’s to come but when the last trimester arrives, she already has a better understanding of her seed although they may not be officially introduced. God has designed the process in such a way that a woman gets connected with their children whilst they are still carrying them in their wombs. When the delivery comes, it simply becomes an official introduction of the two human beings. Pregnancy can feel like a long time, women experience this differently. Different pregnancies from the same woman can even vary- in terms of their experience but they must all go through the different months and allow the growth of the baby to take place. Unfortunately, women cannot give birth at 3 months, they must endure and partake in the full journey of pregnancy. Eventually, they will meet their unborn children and be blessed with the new and wonderful responsibility of motherhood. When their water breaks as an indication of the time of giving birth, they have an active role of pushing to help the baby be delivered safely. It’s all a wonderful process that requires them to be fully present.

For all the “heavily pregnant” people. God will bring you to a place of safe delivery. Hang in there!

Let us liken this pregnancy process to the growth and manifestation of our dreams. God has already planted so many things on the inside of us. We have a responsibility to nurture our relationship with the Holy Spirit because through this, the bond and trust grows. Through that relationship we learn that our dreams are not just crazy ideas that should be prayed away, these are the Heavenly Master’s unique purposes for our lives- roles that will further His Kingdom. What we should do, especially if our dreams are simply not going away, is to enquire with Heavenly Father, find out from Him if your dreams are valid. We must also be willing to allow the process to develop in the way that it should so that the final product can be delivered in a healthy and safe way. God will continue to walk with us in “our pregnant state”.  He will ensure that all that is on the inside of us, is released. This will happen in His good time, not ours. Like pregnant women, we must learn to trust the process, allow God to take us through the necessary stages that will lead to our water breaking in preparation for delivery.

A lot of us are heavily pregnant with the promises of God, which He gave us many years ago. We have been waiting for such a long time to deliver our “Kingdom babies”. We have gotten discouraged and asked Him to take away the desires, we have repented and started to believe again. To all the “pregnant people”- pregnant with dreams, visions, and godly desires, be encouraged today! Rest in the faithfulness of God, He is not a man that He should lie. He is not denying you, at the right time, your dreams will be realized, and you will testify of the LORD’s goodness in the land of the living. Rest in faith, not in doubt.

Genesis 18: 14 “Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the appointed time I will return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.”

You are blessed, with love


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