Unathi James, Founder: Well-Watered Gardens

As a woman who has seen spiritual and emotional brokenness, constant discouragement, rejection, shame and insecurity I believe it’s important to share my experiences with other people in the same boat. Although these challenges had been the narrative for my life, leading me to cycles I couldn’t break off, I am now healed in many ways.

I share my thoughts, aha-moments and tips on how others can also find healing. The gift of forgiveness has been and continues to be instrumental in my healing process. Healing takes time, it’s a journey that I am willing to share with others who need it most. I have seen growth in many areas of my life and continue to do so as I allow the love of God to cleanse me from shame and cover me with His Grace.

Growth and transformation are necessary if we are to become the best versions of ourselves. Before this, we must undergo different levels of forgiveness and healing. We must unlearn bad habits and behaviours and become our true selves.

I am ready to share, to educate, to encourage, to listen, to learn and to journey with others so that our joy can be restored as we become well-watered gardens for God’s glory and honour!

Published by Well Watered Gardens

Healing, Wellness & Transformation.

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