Emotional Healing

In October 2020, let’s focus on emotional healing.

I’m certain that every single human being has experienced some pain, disappointment or discouragement in their lives- maybe some more than others. This is how life is, it throws curveballs we didn’t expect and these can be humiliating and painful. If this is life, shouldn’t there be a formula of how to tackle the curveballs and lemons that get thrown at us?

I believe the victory we attain from struggles can be used to encourage others who find themselves in the similar situations. But what if you are going through stuff now, is there healing available for you? Most certainly. Healing is available for you and starts by you accepting your situation for what it is. When you understand that you cannot control everything, it leads you to a place of surrender. Start there friend… surrender your troubles to God, knowing that He wants to help you. Your troubles are painful and feel unnecessary most times but God always has a plan for everything we go through. But we must willingly partner with Him, allow Him to be LORD over our lives and to be the Doctor that He is. His reputation is intact, He never fails. He is known as the Greatest Physician, our Balm in Gilead.

Won’t you allow Him in? The healing process may not look like what you expected but be assured that God will complete His mission. He is determined to heal you & make you whole again.

Your emotions have been bruised, your heart shattered in pieces, you are constantly being humiliated at work and looked down upon. You ask yourself, can they not see what God has placed on the inside of me? I think some do, and some don’t… sadly. But our role is to look to God for affirmation, believe what He says about us, even if it seems impossible. Even in our most broken state, we must allow God to work in & through us. He can & will heal us, completely.

He is ready to give you the emotional healing you need, are you ready? Join us this month as we share the heart of God on emotional healing through messages and videos that will encourage you on your journey to healing.

You are blessed, with love


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Healing, Wellness & Transformation.

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